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Xtreme NO Reviews: Does it work?

So you you’ve heard about Xtreme NO Muscle Building Supplement and are looking for a muscle builder for your muscles? Before you make any rash decisions, its best to get to know the supplements you are taking to try and gain muscle. You find will many Xtreme NO reviews that only speak about how good the product is, not how to build muscle for your body. These reviews fail to inform readers about what they really need to know.  After reading this xtreme no review, you will be one step ahead of the game and actually know what’s inside this supplement and why it’s the best choice for many bodybuilders, giving you all the info you need before you buy Xtreme NO.

So what is Xtreme NO all about?

It’s one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements for muscle growth available and for good reason. This is what you can find inside a tub of Extreme NO:

  • Dipotassium Phosphate
  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Arginine Hcl
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Arginine Keoisocaproate
  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • Nicotinamde Adenine Dinucleotide

Muscle Builder Supplements:The above Xtreme NO ingredients may sound strange to you if you are new to bodybuilding. These ingredients work extremely well together and if have been working out for a while and taking supplements you’ll notice this straight away and know that it’s only going to help you build muscle for your body, and fast.

The best pumps hands down, this stuff is part of my daily stack


You will find other supplements for muscle growth that include the same ingredients, but don’t dismiss Xtreme NO Muscle Building Supplement straight away just because you have heard of something else that has Nitric Oxide in it. So then, what makes this supplement the best choice when it comes to nitric oxide supplements? The answer is in the way it releases the nitric oxide. Most NO Supplements similar to Xtreme NO have the NO released all in one go. Compared to Xtreme NO that has a slow release capability, gradually and continuously releasing the NO. Also known in the industry as the Perpetual Pump. You may of experienced this before actually.

xtreme no reviews

After finishing a workout routine, you take a supplement to compliment the workout. As you stand in front of the mirror, you notice your “pumped up” muscles and are proud. But when you really need this awesome look, like just before a date, you notice that it’s basically disappeared! What the heck happened? It’s the old perpetual pump in action. And this is one of the reasons that Xtreme NO is so efficient as a supplement. You’ll have that “pumped up” look all day because of it time released capabilities. You’ll have Nitric Oxide flowing through your veins all day! By doing this, you not only keep the great “pumped up” look all day but your veins and muscles are more open to receiving nutrients, helping with muscle recovery and muscle growth. No other nitric oxide supplement is as effective as the Xtreme NO Building Supplement.


Nitric Oxide is actually more complicated than it appears to be. It’s a vascodilatator which means it helps dilate your veins allowing for more blood to be pumped to your muscles. More blood means more nutrients; this helps speed up recovery and aid muscle growth in general. The inner lining of your blood vessels use it to instruct the surrounding smoother muscles to relax, decreasing pressure and increasing blood flow.

xtreme no review


The secret in Xtreme NO is the amino acids, and this supplement is jam-packed to the rim with them. L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, L-arginine ketolsocaproate and L-arginine hydrochloride are the amino acids that assist with the generation of NO or Nitric Oxide. As it’s a vascodilator, more blood flows to the muscles. Increased blood flow means bigger muscles, your muscles will now be receiving all these amino acids and other nutrients you take. Just remember to have a good whey protein as well!


The great thing about nitric oxide is that it’s ultra-safe. It’s a natural occurring chemical that every one’s body uses and needs. So when you take it as a supplement, your body loves this and will respond really well when combined with a great workout routine. Just make sure that your source of nitric oxide is coming from a reliable source, like XtremeNO. XtremeNO has the perfect balance of Nitric Oxide, so you can rest assured you are taking a supplement that won’t do damage to your body. Leaving you to focus on your workout and muscle building routine!



Apart from the pump that xtreme no gives during a workout, here are some more advantages that I’m sure you’ll agree with and make you want to give this supplement a try for yourself:

Xtreme NO is known to boost load capacity and gain muscle faster!

The ingredients jam-packed inside this muscle building supplement all work together. When it comes to bodybuilding and muscle growth, you need to keep setting goals for yourself and increasing your work load with heavier weights, making it more challenging for yourself. The beauty of Xtreme NO is that it helps you do this, by allowing you to lift heavier faster, you’ll see the improvement straight away. Remember to have a good whey protein in your diet too. Protein Protein PROTEIN!

Xtreme NO Recovery is quicker!

After your workout routine – During the rest period is when your muscles actually grow so quick recovery is vitally important to help you gain muscle. Some bodybuilders take this a bit too literally though and over do the rest. It’s not their fault that their body has not fully recovered yet. By adding the Xtreme NO supplement to your diet, you can increase the speed of your recovery, allowing you to continue setting challenges without any negative side effects!

Xtreme NO tones your physique up!

Bottom line. At the end of the day we can all agree that we want a body that we can be more than just content with, we should be proud of the way we look. Thanks to the Nitric Oxide inside this wonderful supplement, the user will experience a much more muscular appearance will gain muscle in record time! Thanks for reading this Xtreme NO review! Hope it helps your muscle building routine. Now go visit the official site by CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW :



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Xtreme NO in 2014

Just thought I would post  a quick update letting everyone know that Xtreme NO is still going strong and part of my muscle building stack.

I have been cycling it for about 2 months on then a month off, then back on again for another couple of months, and every time I return to my cycle I am never let down! I just love the way this stuff makes me feel when I’m training, but not only that, it brings in great results too. My strenght doesnt really seem to dip much when I cycle off Xtreme NO, but when I come back on it wow, its like Popeye and spinach…you feel the difference right away.

Thats one of the things that I love about this stuff, it just never lets me down. I always get the pump that I am after and increased strenght gains. Nitric oxide is a must have in my eyes.

I also take my Xtreme NO with creatine and protein of course, fish oil is also an important supplement for me as well as a good multi vitamin just to make sure Im getting what the body needs.

If any on is on the fence with this stuff, don’t be afraid or worried that it won’t deliver because it does what it says on the tin!

Happy training guys and gals!

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Does Xtreme NO give a Nitric Oxide Erection?

So you have heard that nitric oxide helps with erections, you might of even heard the terms nitric oxide erection? A good way to understand it is to understand the actual process of an erection. Sexual stimulation is usually the initial starting point, some form of arousal is usually key.

 Once aroused, signals from the brain are sent to various parts of the body to initiate an increase of nitric oxide production, naturally. Men who are 25 and over often are lacking in natural store of nitric oxide, this is very common. This lack of nitric oxide usually leads to soft erections which in turn result in a lack of sexual enjoyment from you and your partner. One of the key aspects of nitric oxide is how it acts as a vascodialator, relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This means that when your blood vessels become relaxed due to a nitric oxide supplement, blood flows more easily to your muscles and the penis tissue.

Increase blood flow - nitric oxide erection

 It has been noted that by adding a high quality NO supplement such as Xtreme NO, you can experience up to 10 times more blood flow than when flaccid. This huge increase in blood flow to your penis and body as a result of the increase nitric oxide in your system will benefit you in two major ways – increased muscle tone and definition and an erection that will be harder and last longer than ever before. Now you know what to expect with the nitric oxide erection effect! You will find the nitric oxide erection to be harder, longer and longer lasting that any previous erection you’ve had, this goes for all men. You may of heard people talking about Xtreme NO and how great it is in terms of a natural nitric oxide supplement, this is because it has a good balance of the 3 major types of nitric oxide that help penis enhancement.

The Nitric Oxide Erection: What is the ultimate nitric oxide supplement ?

 To the best of my knowledge there is just one nitric oxide supplement that is completely natural and delivers results consistently. There are multiple benefits to NO products, the most sought after being increased muscle tone and the nitric oxide erection – these two aspects will give you the confidence to enjoy sex more than ever before. Xtreme NO is really great, it holds the maximum dosage for L-Arginine (which comes in three different states) ensuring that you get the best results quick. This nitric oxide supplement is clinically proven to work. The dosage is just three pills a day- this is all it takes for you to start seeing the benefits of increased blood flow in your body – especially where it counts. Supplementing nitric oxide should really be a standard for men over the age of 25. Safety is not an issue with nitric oxide supplements; they are proven to be beneficial especially when using high quality products such as Xtreme NO.

 The two key benefits of taking nitric oxide for you are:


  •  A nitric oxide erection of course! The best erection you will ever have, your partner will be able to vouch for that!


  • Increased muscle tone and fullness due to improved blood flow and circulation. Xtreme NO is known to improve the all-important blood oxygenation and general blood flow.


So will nitric oxide products such as Xtreme NO help improve your sex life? As a regular user of Xtreme NO and as a man, I’d say that it will not only improve your sex life but also improve your life in general. Having better erections and a more toned body will give you the confidence you need to enjoy life to the full! If you are looking to try a nitric oxide supplement, start with the best and experience the difference yourself.



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Extreme NO – Does it Realy Work?



Muscle Building Supplement and Extreme NO – Many people battle to put on weight, especially thin people. They can eat what they like. They can spend every day in the gym. Yet they still struggle to pack on the pounds. The other problem for the ones who do gain weight is that the weight is all fat. This contradicts the whole purpose of going to the gym! If you plan on gaining weight, you want it to be muscle, nothing else! This is one of the reasons why xtremno is so popular. The amino acid L-Arginine, along with other ingredients, will help you bulk up. Muscle Builder Supplements -The best thing is that you’ll only see muscle, no fat. And these muscles, you can be sure that they don’t look like fat. This is the real deal, ripped body with toned muscles. Plus you’ll also be getting stronger, it’s not just for show. You might of heard of some bodybuilders accused of being weak? Well that won’t happen to you, the ingredients inside extreme no will boost your muscles with strength so that they can perform as well as they look. You’ll get the recognition you deserve. Having a high protein diet is also key, so look out for a good whey protein as well as extreme NO Muscle Building Supplement.


Building Muscle Extreme NO does not substitute your current efforts in the gym. This supplement is going to complement your workout and help gain muscle. If your current workout routine is good, taking this supplement will help increase the overall effectiveness of your efforts and allow you to do more. All you need to do is add it to your diet and take as recommended. It’s also a good idea to take whey protein as well. Having a high protein diet is a must, so be aware of what you eat.


You are right to think that there may be negative side effects when taking a supplement such as this to build muscle for your body. I can tell you right now that Extreme NO is as safe as it gets, you’ll have nothing to worry about as side effects are not an issue. It’s made from natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals that may have a negative effect.  The only side effect will be the hard-core muscle and strength gains you see after taking Extreme NO for a while, which is what you want! It’s a natural way to gain muscle and aid your workout routine. You will hardly be forcing your muscles to do something that that do not want to do naturally by themselves! By taking Xtreme NO Muscle Building Supplement the process is just complimented by the natural ingredients that are in this product. Still have a bit of doubt? Contact your GP or physician and ask them, they’ll confirm that xtreme no is safe and effective for muscle growth.


“Can I just take extreme NO Muscle Building Supplement and everything else will magically fall in place?” The answer is NO, and you shouldn’t be looking for an easy way to grow your body. This is no miracle pill. All Extreme NO does is compliment the effort that you already are or will be doing in order to build muscles and assist with muscle growth. Extreme NO won’t work if you just take it and sit around all day and go the gym maybe once a week. But if you apply this nitric oxide supplement to your workout routine and current diet, follow the instructions by eating right and training hard in the gym, you will see some AWESOME things happen to your body in a much shorter period of time that what it would usually take to get crazy muscle gains. After taking extreme NO Muscle Building Supplement, you’ll be that guy who can just take his shirt off at the park and be proud. The girls will love it, the guys will be jealous and you’ll be healthier than ever before…and looking really great at the same time. Be prepared to put the work it at the gym when taking extreme no. But this time round, you’ll start to see the difference in no time. By taking xtremeno your hard work is rewarded. Also use with a good whey protein to increase muscle growth.


Muscle Growth – While this product (Extreme NO Muscle Building Supplement) is wildly popular for bodybuilding , it’s not actually available is stores. This is one of the reasons why they are able to keep costs low. By purchasing it online, you don’t end up paying for heavy overheads, just delivery! But make sure you buy from a trusted provider. This product is in no way a scam, but there are products out there that try to ride off the hype and they are not the real deal. So always buy extreme NO Muscle Building Supplement from an official provider and you’ll be one step closer to a bigger and stronger you! It’s all about health and fitness! Hope you have found this Xtreme NO review helpful, with Xtreme NO you now know how to build muscle! Go visit the official site  and get started by CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW :





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Is Xtreme NO a Bodybuilding Supplement?

Everyone is after a healthier lifestyle and looking for the perfect supplement that will aid with building muscle, and building muscle fast!And as you can imagine, the more people need a perfect supplement, the more need there becomes for one to be created, and so Xtreme NO was born and introduced into the bodybuilding world Xtreme NO is really popular because of this and is now one of the leading Nitric Oxide supplements on the market, and for good reason. It is packed with all the right ingredients. Xtreme no reviews

With Xtreme NO, every customer sees the difference it makes from the first day of taking it, satisfaction is at an all time high with this great product. As a matter of fact, Xtreme NO is one of the most talked of supplements for people wanting to train harder and build muscle.  You may ask why this product is rated so highly above all else, and for good reason. There is a lot of hype ut there these days and you need to know the truth. One great way to find out the truth is to try this product for yourself and like so many before you, dicove its awesome power!

Bodybuilding and Xtreme NO

Xtreme NO really is one of the best supplements for gaining lean muscle fast and lifting heavier weights in the gym. The benfits of using Xtreme NO are plentiful. It’s one of the reaons why Xtreme NO is so popular, and why people keep coming back for more, making it a stable part of their exercise regime. This product is sold internationally, giving it credit across the seas and into the homes of bodybuilders globally.  The best place to buy Xtreme NO is to purchase online, its not widely available in stores yet, this keeps the costs down, so buy online. Before making any purchase though, ensure that you are buying from the offical Xtreme NO site as there are known to be fakers out there. Delivery of the product is quick and painless, these guys deliver so many bottle of nitric oxide they know what they are doing and have got the order process mapped out well.

Xtreme NO promotes nitric oxide in the body, when taken, and nitric oxide has many health benefits such as anti aging properties. It can also lower blood pressure and help increase overall energy for the user.Nitric Oxide is produced naturally in the body, but not always enough is produced due to poor diet or just not eating the right things. By taking it as a supplement, you are giving your body what it needs. But you cannot just take this prodcut and expect results, you need to exercise accordingly and have a well baanced diet to see muscle growth.Xtreme no benefits

Xtreme NO will deliver results stright away in the gym, you will notice your muscles looking fuller and more pumped up, ples this pumped up look will last all day. So along with taking xtreme NO, its a good idea to have a high quality whye protein as part of your diet.  Having a high protien diet will help with muscle growth, remember that. The other key elemet is water! Your muscles are made up primariy of water so its a good idea to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, this also helps flush out the system. It is very safe taking this suplement, just stick to the reccomened doses and you’ll be on your way to stacking on the lean muscle in no time. It is always adivsable to check with your GP though before taking any supplement, we are all wired differently and this might not be suited to you, so just check with them before you start taking this stuff.

So many bodybuilders are using nitric oxide as part of their arsenal of supplements, why not add it to yours? Give Xtreme NO a try and see how it helps you reach your goals.


* Boost Your Load Capacity

* Helps Maximize Full Body Recovery

* Helps to Increase Strength

* Helps Improve Muscularity

* Helps Facilitate Muscle Growth





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Should I Take Protein as well as Xtreme NO?

So what is Protein?

It is a fundamental nutrient in life and is responsible for many parts of everyday function such as the support of structural tissues (cells, building tissue, muscle). Amino acids are what make up protein, and its a total of around 20. Then you have essential amino acids (8) which need to be obtained from diet and a further 12 called non-essential amino acids that are created by the body. These amino acids all work together but function in a variety of different ways, all depending on their actual size and bonds, plus its molecular sequence helps choose the role it plays and what that it will work.Is protein really that important for muscle building?

50% of the total protein body is muscle protein, this makes up for a large part of the muscle structure and overall need. There needs to be the right protein balance in place in order for muscle growth to take place, it replies on a number of factors including protein intake, re-synthesis and the actual breakdown of protein. To take it a step further, muscle building and growth is achieved by combining the right balance of weight lifting along with positive protein balance: this means that protein synthesis and intake is larger than the protein breakdown.

When you are lifting weights, the muscles are being pushed into protein breakdown and the body splits the amino acids to be oxidized into and then possibly to synthesize into brand new protein After working out, the whole breakdown process needs to be turned into a good thing and the best way to achieve this is to have a high intake of protein right after lifting weights.

There is more to it though, as we will discover. So you see the significance of having protein straight after training, but you could be asking yourself are some proteins better than others or is there an actual amount that I should be taking?

The one thing to point out is that whey has a very high biological factor to it, higher than the most common forms of protein intake such as fish, beef ect… What this tells us is that more of this type of protein is made use of when the body starts to recover and rebuild the muscle.

Researchers have long thought that essential amino acids and branch chain amino acids play a vital role when it boils down to starting the muscle growth stage.

So how much should be taken?

Shall we begin by going over the amount – so getting to know the need for protein – and no, more is not always better – this is just a start in the overall thinking. Absorption is key when it comes to protein synthesis, and it will only be utilized in the right manner if it can be taken in properly. There have been many case studies on the matter and the research has always shown that the highest amount of protein to be ingested can be 2g per kilo of weight.  If any more is taken, there is no actual proof that it is beneficial as the rest goes to waste. For example, if you weigh in at 80 kg’s, you will only need around 160 g of protein a day to help you pack on the pounds and build muscle.Are some types of protein better?

It is always a good idea to try and source protein through natural diet by eating food that is high in protein, such as meat, fish, beans, nuts ect…but the thing is that all these sources have different amino acid builds so the way the body processes it is not always the best/quickest/most effective. Protein quality is also determined by the amino acid profile so any changes to it affects quality. Protein synthesis is ideally obtained through a natural diet that consists of meat, dairy and fish – by eating the correct balance of each.

Now whey protein is actually primarily made up from the dairy side, so cheeses ect..One of the great things about taking whey protein as part of your diet is that you can gauge exactly how much you are taking in and get just the right amount for optimum muscle growth and performance. It also means that you dont have to have added carbs or fats, just the good stuff! Whey protein also digests quickly and is easily absorbed into the body.

How to take Protein!

Hopefully you can now see the importance of protein when it comes to building muscle. Its basically a necessity, so make sure you add it to your diet as soon as you can, along with a good exercise program that is!

You should also take protein throughout the day, so in the morning, after working out and before going to bed at night (during sleep is when muscles are repaired). Many people along with studies have proved that taking 20 grams of protein every 3 hrs is much better for protein synthesis than higher or lower loads.

So make sure you find a good when protein to assist with your muscle growth, along with Xtreme NO of course!


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Are you looking to use Xteme NO?

In recent times, muscle building supplements have ended up being a lot more well-liked for guys who are into growing muscles and a more powerful body, however not all muscular tissue structure supplements coincide. Some of these are potentially hazardous and could create liver damage when made use of all the time. When you read an Xtreme NO testimonial, just what you will see is that this is a substantially more secure kind of supplement which it has actually helped lots of guys get considerably better by their exercises.

Just what Is Xtreme NO?

This is a nitric oxide enhancer, which means that it is able to boost your muscles to full capacity, take full advantage of full physical body recuperation, and boost the dimension and strength of your muscular tissues. Having more nitric oxide in your circulatory system is a vital part of getting stronger and you will certainly really feel the distinction in the very first time you work out after having taken this product. You will feel stronger, more energised, and see a considerable boost in lifting capacity.

Exactly how Does It Function?

Xtreme NO works by enhancing nitric oxide in your circulatory system, which has the increased effect of improving blood circulation to your muscles when they require it. It has the ability to do this since it contains a number of organic ingredients that feature L arginine, and various other amino acids, supplements, and minerals. L-arginine has the capability to turn into nitric oxide in the circulatory system, which has actually been clinically shown to enhance muscular tissue strength, muscle development, and muscularity.

One fringe benefit of making use of a nitric oxide enhancer like Xtreme NO is that it helps to quicken the healing process. Because this product is available in a day long launch tablet, you will certainly notice less muscle discomfort and an enhanced potential to swiftly recuperate from also the hardest workouts.

Xtreme NO should be taken as routed, and ought to not be taken by guys that are experiencing considerable health concerns or are taking prescription medications. That being claimed, this is a completely natural supplement that takes advantage of L-arginine as its main energetic ingredient, which is an important amino acid in any sort of diet.

Exactly what Are Individuals Stating Concerning Xtreme NO?

It is rather clear when you check out the assessments for Xtreme NO that this supplement has been really handy for men who are trying to gain lean muscular tissue mass and do not want to endanger your health with various other sorts of products. Considering that this does not contain any kind of developing product or protein, it is a much safer supplement.

Where Can You Get Xtreme NO?

The only area where Xtreme NO is sold immediately is on-line, and when you purchase this directly from the official website, you could get a complimentary container on pick plans. This is also sold with a free fitness and muscle building program membership which is suitable for folks that are attempting to get muscle and get built as quickly as possible.

Can This Supplement Help You?

One thing that ought to be stated regarding Xtreme NO is that this is not a magic supplement that will aid you to instantly gain muscular tissue instantly. You will certainly still need to do the effort, yet the results you get will be much more significant. If getting lean muscle mass and dropping body fat is your objective, then this is a supplement that could assist you well.

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Xtreme NO 5 out of 5 based on 204 ratings.